Who we are

Skank means well, for real. This may sound a bit “vanilla” to some, it's actually the case though.


Meaning well for designers

One of the reasons why we created Skank was to provide what we believe are talented designers and awesome brands with a platform where we can sell their clothes, accessories, objects, etc. And doing it in a way that is fair to them ("money money money, people"), i.e. buying from them at a (decent) price that enables them to earn a living. That's where we started, that's not where we stopped.

Meaning well for our clients

As we say in France, “le client est roi” (the client is king) and we take that very seriously. That’s one of the other reasons why we created Skank: we want to be nice, real nice, to our clients.

A mere marketing approach or actually meaning to do things the right way, we’ll let you be the judge. In any case we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your purchase (or only your visit) on Skank is nothing but a satisfactory experience.

We do not forget the others

Suppliers, clients, we’re pretty much done, aren’t we? Precisely not.

At Skank we take CSR very seriously (CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility -if you don’t know now you know). CSR refers to the role that a given company plays in our society and the responsibility of this company toward society.

This means a lot to us. We believe that a company must never forget that it holds a responsibility to help contribute to a better society, as much as it is possible.

That’s the reason why for each purchase made on Skank we make a (small) donation to a charity. And that’s on us: the donation is taken out of our profit, so you won’t pay more because you buy on Skank. We’ll just make a bit less money, and use this money for people who need it more. We told you, we mean well!